Downloads - Two Default Sets By Trapping & Lilith and Tom Hiddleston

As the lez title sez and more.

I really love Trapping’s recent eye set, Ljus Vid Horisonten. So much that I defaulted them along with defaults for your aliens and vampires.


You can get the originals here.


The second set I half-defaulted Lilith’s Peachy Skinblend. I say half-default as Lilith herself already defaulted the S3 & S4 skins I was planning on using. I simply defaulted for the S1 & S2 skin. I included the S3 & S4 for convenience.

S1 - Midday

S2 - Base Tone

S3 - Olive

S4 - Dusk

Here for the originals

Here for the Gen/Townie version

Here for Lilith’s defaulted versions


And Finally, my sims 2 version of Tom Hiddleston. Took me a good while, but I think he came out alright.


Download Tom Hiddleston

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