'and his wife'

Telephone (Demo)
Britney Spears


Remember when the “Telephone” demo sung by Britney Spears was the most illegally downloaded song in 2010… the legacy is real

A message from simsxolove
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- I think the person who sent me this is lame
- I like food
- I like the color chartreuse
- I like grits
- I like gardenias 




Do twins have the same sized dick?


Both reactions work


it makes me sad to think there are people in this world who haven’t heard heavy metal lover

Don’t ever say I never gave you good birthday gift, loser.

Happy Birthday…… Sweetie.

Just a birthday kiss? Darn!

claudiasharon replied to your photo “Converted pickypikachu naval piercing because it was essentially the…”

Will you be sharing, if you can?

Probably if PP gives the OK. :)